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Jan @janjanjan
Tony Clements @tonylclements
Mark Mauriello @ratraceonbroadway
Kelly McIntyre @kellymcintyre22
Ryan Thurman @huggybruh
Peter Yang @pyang302

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Hayley Moir @hayley.moir as The Narrator
Leilani Carr @broadway_lady as Janet

Tony Clements @tonylclements as Brad
Kelly McIntyre
@kellymcintyre22 as Riff Raff
Ryan Thurman @huggybruh as Magenta
Danielle Lussier @daniellelussier as Columbia

Mark Mauriello @ratraceonbroadway as Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Nick Drake @nickxdrake as Rocky
Page Axelson @f_killjoy as Eddie
Michelle Martinello @michelleymartinelli, Zofia Weretka @whatsazofia, and Brittany Nicole Williams @brittany_nicolew as The Phantoms

Alex Prezzano @alexprezzano on Guitar
Andrew Grau @grau_music on Bass
Willy Rodriguez @willytimba on Drums


Musical Arrangements and Designs by Andrew Barret Cox
Directed by
Shira Milikowsky

Producer: Madeleine Foster Bersin
Associate Producer: Megumi Lee

with DJ A/C


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